CBP-174 is a first-in-class small molecule inhibitor of a G-protein coupled receptor involved in pruritus due to chronic skin inflammation. It has a completely different mode of action from the commonly used antihistamines and is designed to offer therapeutic benefits that traditional antihistamines do not provide. Preclinical studies demonstrated that the compound is highly potent and selective, and is highly efficacious in the relevant preclinical models. In animal models of pruritus, CBP-174 demonstrated a quick onset of action in suppressing itch (within 30 minutes of dosing). This mode of action is advantageous over currently available antiinflammatories which require many days or weeks of continuous treatment to have an effect on this most troublesome symptom in patients with atopic dermatitis. IND-enabling studies are currently underway and filing for a first-in-human study is expected in Q4, 2019.

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