Our Strengths

Global IP

We have developed a maturing and expanding pipeline of novel immune modulators, with strong IP protection and worldwide development and commercialization rights for each of our drug candidates. This strong position gives us the flexibility to either develop alone or through partnership to deliver these new treatments to patients globally and maximize the value of our assets. 

China Advantage

As a China-based global company, we are able to leverage several strategic advantages available to us. First is the large unmet need for evidence-based, novel treatments of chronic autoimmune diseases and inflammation in China, due to the aging population, the lifestyle and environmental changes in the general population, and the increasing patient education on treatment options. Second is the large patient pool in China, which can be translated into faster patient enrollment in clinical studies to shorten the time in clinical development.  The third is the quickly improving regulatory environment for drug clinical trials and drug approval review by the CFDA.

Intense A&I Focus

As a focused pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of novel treatments for autoimmune diseases and inflammation (A&I), we leverage our proven platform of T cell modulation and our deep understanding of drug development in this space. Our focus has been key to our success in discovery and establishment of a pipeline of drug candidates with best- and/or first-in-class opportunities. 

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